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Conversion & Training

Your Solutions Payroll is committed to ensuring that the transfer of your data to our system is as smooth and hassle free as possible. We will work with you to set up a schedule and a plan that guarantees a seamless transfer.

Organization data
We will provide you with a checklist of the data necessary for a smooth conversion, and schedule a time to collect this data from you. During the data collection process, we will seek to understand your organization and its workflow processes in order to streamline and simplify as many processes as we can.
Database setup
The information gathered during the data collection process will be used to build your company database. Once the database is completed, we will import your employee data via an electronic file.
We will verify all employee data imported into your company database. Then we will input year-to-date or quarter-to-date information and reconcile this information with tax liabilities and deposits reported on prior quarter tax returns and reports, ensuring year end reporting accuracy.
We will then begin training your staff on the capabilities and functionality of our software. This training can take place at your office location or online.
Testing & mirroring… go LIVE
Once your company database, employee information and prior compensation totals are verified, we will test your company data by mirroring 1 pay-cycle using live payroll data (During this time period, you will still be utilizing your current payroll service provider). Once you are satisfied that the system is set up correctly, we will start your first payroll cycle with Your Solutions Payroll.

And Finally…

We’ll even handle the changeover

conversion letterOur Conversion Letter makes it simple. Click here for a pdf
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