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Imagine running your payroll from anywhere you have an internet connection. Anytime!

Doing payroll the traditional way is subject to various restraints. The payroll manager has to manually write down your employee’s time data onto a timesheet provided by your payroll company, fax the sheets to your payroll company, then wait two days to receive the payroll in the mail before he/she can check and review the payroll for accuracy.

There is a better way. The E-Solutions Payroll Service is designed for businesses looking to streamline the payroll processing workflow. By allowing you to access Your Solutions Payroll’s secure, web-based environment, your payroll manager can enter your employees' time information and review the processed payroll for any errors in a matter of hours. Process, review and finalize your payroll wherever you are, whenever you want. Run payroll reports, update employee information and even print your own checks.*

With the E-Solutions Payroll Service you can maximize efficiency by leveraging the power of technology.

Our E-Solutions Payroll Service includes the following:

x     You can Login to our secure server and upload your employee’s hours and/or info
x     We will prepare payroll checks and/or handle any Direct Deposit transactions
x     View your payroll info online – within hours
x     View your payroll reports, checks, and/or payroll check stubs online - or via email
x      Two days prior to the payroll check date, Your Solutions Payroll will process an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) drawn against your bank account, in order to withdraw the funds necessary to pay your payroll taxes. These funds will be held in a separate escrow account until such time as these funds are due to be filed with the appropriate state and federal taxing authorities.

*Additional charges may apply

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