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                                 Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions
Payroll as an internal business function is often complicated for the average business owner. Payroll shouldn't be another demand on your time, let alone another source of liability. Simple Solutions Payroll Service is designed for the business owner looking to alleviate the administrative burden of calculating, processing and preparing payroll internally. With our Simple Solutions plan you can trust that your payroll will be processed accurately and delivered on time each and every pay day.

Our Simple Solutions Payroll Service includes the following:

    Call, Fax or Email us your payroll information
    We will prepare payroll checks and/or handle any Direct Deposit transactions
     We will deliver the payroll reports, checks, and/or payroll check stubs to you for review, signature and distribution
    Two days prior to the payroll check date, Your Solutions Payroll will process an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) drawn against your bank account, in order to withdraw the funds necessary to pay your payroll taxes. These funds will be held in a separate escrow account until such time as these funds are due to be filed with the appropriate state and federal taxing authorities.
     Your Solutions Payroll will prepare and file all State and Federal payroll tax returns on a quarterly and yearly basis.

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