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                                 Ultimate Solutions

Ultimate Solutions
Where payroll, benefits and human resources come together

Most businesses maintain multiple systems, whether electronic or manual, to track employee information such as compensation, position held, certifications, benefit eligibility information and employee benefit costs. These systems are usually either written by third party software vendors, or developed internally in response to your business needs. Because these systems are not integrated, there is no centralized information database. This creates data redundancy, as your payroll department has to manually maintain the same data in multiple locations.

Traditional payroll service bureaus operate within rigid guidelines. You are responsible for providing information in an acceptable format needed to process your payroll. This allows them to maximize profits and efficiencies, while placing the burden of translating employee benefit costs and time information on your staff. This creates a highly inefficient workflow, and that translates into many hours lost each week.

We have a different philosophy. By consolidating employee and benefit information in one centralized database, Your Solutions Payroll is able to significantly reduce theses costs.

Our Ultimate Solutions Payroll Service includes the following:

Online Payroll Processing

x     You can Login to our secure server and upload your employee’s hours and/or info
x     We will prepare payroll checks and/or handle any Direct Deposit transactions
x     View your payroll info online – within hours
x     View your payroll reports, checks, and/or payroll check stubs online - or via email
x      Two days prior to the payroll check date, Your Solutions Payroll will process an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) drawn against your bank account, in order to withdraw the funds necessary to pay your payroll taxes. These funds will be held in a separate escrow account until such time as these funds are due to be filed with the appropriate state and federal taxing authorities.
    Your Solutions Payroll will prepare and file all State and Federal payroll tax returns on a quarterly and yearly basis.

Human Resources Information Management System

From recruiting to hiring to the exit interview, Your Solutions Payroll provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data. Employees, administrators and executives all benefit from the improved productivity and informed decision making derived from proper access to Human Resource data.


  • Benefits management and administration

    Track paid time off accruals and balances
    Automatically compute and withhold employee/employer retirement plan contributions
    Set up automatic payments for fringe benefits

  • Human Resource management

    Track and report on employee demographics
    Customized reporting for government compliance

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